In A Landscape

This is our first studio album recorded together with the Montreal Guitar Trio. The new album, several years in the making, was recorded in a small church north of Montreal in Gore, Quebec. In A Landscape features new original music and several six guitar arrangements of music from Radiohead, John Cage and David Bowie. Paul Richards’ photography is featured in the album artwork.


1 New Horizons / Glenn Lévesque 4:54
2 Weird Fishes / Radiohead (arr. MG3 / CGT) 5:16
3 Magneto / Sébastien Dufour 3:39
4 In a Landscape / John Cage (arr. S. Dufour) 6:31
5 Fortune Island / Hideyo Moriya 4:48
6 Glass Tango / Paul Richards, Bert Lams 4:19
7 Space Oddity / David Bowie (arr. CGT / MG3) 4:55
8 First Steps (To Emerik) / Glenn Lévesque 3:03
9 Perpetuum Mobile – Live in Atlanta / Penguin Café Orchestra (arr. CGT / MG3) 3:35
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