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Believe it or not, after 20 years of existence, “Andromeda” is California Guitar Trio’s first album ever pressed to vinyl. It’s pure musical mastery. The LP comes packaged in a beautiful letterpress jacket featuring Hubble photographs for only $15. It’s a stunning package full of stunning music. - OMG Vinyl

The release of Andromeda celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the California Guitar Trio. The CGT plays a unique style, with guitars weaving an intricate knotwork of interlocking parts to form a whole. Bert, Hideyo, and Paul can create music which sounds like it is performed on a kind of "super-piano" and at other times unfolds an ethereal, otherworldly psychedelia. Their music is both adventurous and listener-friendly. Andromeda is the first CGT release of entirely original material. Guests on the album include Tony Levin, Julie Slick, Eric Slick, Tom Griesgraber, Tyler Trotter and more.

1. Cathedral Peak
2. Turn of the Tide
3. Andromeda
4. Improv IX
5. Hazardous Z
6. Chacarera
7. Improv VII
8. Middle of Tx
9. Improv VIII Layered Circulation
10. Portland Rain
11. Improv I

Award winning artwork by Pablo Mandel.

High quality digital download included.

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