At Home With the California Guitar Trio

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This DVD was recorded using multiple high definition cameras. It is a recording of a wonderful, intimate concert at the producer’s house in Atlanta, Georgia on February 21, 2009.


1 The Marsh
2 Unmel
3 Talking- Good Evening
4 Cathedral Peak
5 Walk Don't Run
6 Talking- Lamy Intro
7 Train To Lamy
8 Portland Rain
9 Turn Of The Tide
10 Tubular Bells
11 Andromeda
12 Eve
13 Talking- Featuring Our Soundman
14 And I Know
15 Ghost Riders On The Storm
16 Talking- Band History and Echoes Intro
17 Echoes
18 Bohemian Rhapsody
19 End Credits (Moonlight Sonata Part 1)

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