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We are happy to announce our first studio album recorded together with the Montreal Guitar Trio. This new album was several years in the making, recorded in a small church north of Montreal in Gore Quebec. The album features new original music and several 6 guitar arrangements of music from Radiohead, John Cage and David Bowie. Paul Richards' photography is featured in the album artwork. Order yours now!

Download the new album in 16 Bit/WAV format.

California Guitar Trio and Montreal Guitar Trio

In a Landscape

  1. New Horizons / Glenn Lévesque 4:54
  2. Weird Fishes / Radiohead (arr. MG3 / CGT) 5:16
  3. Magneto / Sébastien Dufour 3:39
  4. In a Landscape / John Cage (arr. S. Dufour) 6:31
  5. Fortune Island / Hideyo Moriya 4:48
  6. Glass Tango / Paul Richards, Bert Lams 4:19
  7. Space Oddity / David Bowie (arr. CGT / MG3) 4:55
  8. First Steps (To Emerik) / Glenn Lévesque 3:03
  9. Perpetuum Mobile - Live in Atlanta / Penguin Café Orchestra (arr. CGT / MG3) 3:35

Montreal Guitar Trio

Sébastien Dufour (Classical Guitar, Charango)

Glenn Lévesque (Classical Guitar, Vocal)

Marc Morin (Classical Guitar, Bass)

California Guitar Trio

Bert Lams (Acoustic Guitar)

Paul Richards (Acoustic Guitar, E-bow Guitar, Slide Guitar)

Hideyo Moriya (Acoustic Guitar)

California Guitar Trio plays guitars made by Breedlove Guitar Co, Raymond Kraut, Jason Kostal.

Montreal Guitar Trio plays guitars made by Bruno Boutin (

CGT would like to thank D'Addario Strings, Line 6.

Sébastien remercie Marylène, Aurélie et Eliane de leur soutien. Je vous aime.

CGT and MG3 give special thanks to Linda Cass-Jones.

Recorded at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Township of Gore, Qc, CANADA - August 2017

Recording: Ian Vadnais

Editing: Sébastien Dufour / Glenn Lévesque

Mixing: David Laurendeau / Sébastien Dufour / Glenn Lévesque

Mastering: Richard Addison at Trillium Sound Studios

Cover Design: Gary Bandfield,

Cover Photography: Paul Richards

Band photo: Ian Vadnais

MG3 Agency:

CGT Agency:

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