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25 years and 14 albums later, we have recorded our newest release – KOMOREBI – in a way that is different from any project we’ve done before! For this recording, we focused on capturing the most natural sound possible from our acoustic guitars. Our studio engineer, Tom Griesgraber, did a lot of research and experimentation with different Neumann microphone configurations. We finally found 3 different set ups that helped us achieve our aim – TO SOUND AS THOUGH THE LISTENER IS SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF US WHILE WE PLAY!

The Result: Our new album – KOMOREBI (kO-mO-‘re-bE), which, in Japanese, roughly translates to “Sunlight shining through the leaves of trees.” We feel this album literally captures the essence of the word Komorebi – making the SOUND shine through the ’leaves’ of our three guitars! We hope you will agree!

01. Komorebi (2:38)
02. Cherry Trees (4:04)
03. Buckaroo (1:58)
04. Good Vibrations (3:48)
05. Blue Rondo à la Turk (6:03)
06. Wonderful Land (2:10)
07. Claymont Waltz (3:30)
08. Glass Tango (3:38)
09. Dig a Pony (3:11)
10. Euphoria (2:50)
11. Spiritual (5:01)
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