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Produced by Tony Levin, "Whitewater" contains mostly new and original CGT material. Both ethereal and blistering, this recording reveals the CGT's music in a new light by introducing some amazing electronic treatments while staying true to their warm, analog sound. The Bach Circulation piece on this recording was made using tiny, high-end, binaural microphones in producer Tony Levin's ears, just feet from the 3 guitars! Enhanced CD - Bonus Video included.

Track Listing:
1 The Marsh
2 Atlantis
3 Skyline
4 Mee-Woo
5 Prelude Circulation VWV 988
6 Cantharis
7 Cosmo Calypso
8 Whitewater
9 Led Foot
10 Relative Illusion
11 Red Iguana
12 Ghost Riders on the Storm

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